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Wed, May 11, 2022

City Manager Brett Estes announced today that he will step down to pursue other career opportunities with his last day being July 4, 2022. Estes has served with the City of Astoria since 2007, first as Community Development Director, later adding the duties of Assistant City Manager, and finally in his current role since September 2014.

“Mr. Estes is extraordinarily effective and competent in overseeing the complete range of City operations. I rely on his deep expertise and background knowledge of myriad issues, ranging from personnel and finance to State infrastructure funding and economic development,” said Mayor Bruce Jones. ”He has always provided wise counsel during my 5 ½ years on the City Council. While I am deeply disappointed to lose him, I am glad for his new opportunity and wish him the very best.”

”I have truly enjoyed working with the citizens of Astoria during my tenure with the City in tackling sticky issues while at the same time achieving many community goals,” said Estes. “We have a great, hardworking staff whom I have had the pleasure to work alongside over the years; and I’ve had the pleasure of working with a number of dedicated elected and appointed individuals who are focused on making Astoria a better place.”  The City is beginning the process of recruiting of a new City Manager.

“The Council will be considering the selection of an executive recruitment firm, as well as looking at the possibility of an interim City Manager (Manager Pro Tem) from both internal and external sources,” said Mayor Jones. “As we have seen with other cities in recent years the market for highly qualified individuals is extremely tight. The rapid escalation of housing prices makes outside recruitment even more difficult.”

Mayor Jones also said, “the Council will focus on its annual goals, and prioritize to keep key initiatives, particularly code changes related to housing density and the Port of Astoria Waterfront Master Plan, moving forward despite the transition in leadership.”

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Mayor at 503-325-5824

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