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Sole Source Procurement Notice

Wed, Nov 24, 2021

The City of Astoria is utilizing the Sole-Source Procurement method as allowed by City Code to purchase the following Goods or Services & Personal Services:

Cla-Val Electronic Valve Controllers


Cimco Systems is the exclusive CLA-VAL distributor in this area.

Reason for Sole-Source:

This particular equipment purchase is to provide consistency with other equipment already in place throughout the City. Similar equipment allows cost savings through reduced operation costs and improves reliability as demonstrated through past performance.


An affected person can protest this award by delivering a written protest within ten (10) days of this public notice to the Public Works Director  – City Hall, 1095 Duane St. Astoria, OR 97103 or email written protest to jharrington@astoria.or.us. Protests will follow the guidelines outlined in the Astoria Procurement Code 1.969.

CIMCO-G C Systems Quotation Sheet pdf Document

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