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Astoria Oregon Selected as Finalist for Community Assist from Trail Blazers Partnership with MODA Health

Fri, Mar 06, 2020

The Astoria Parks and Recreation Department is competing with two other Oregon communities to win funds for a brand-new, accessible and inclusive playground through the Moda Assist Program. If Astoria wins, the Department will bring upgrade the playground at Violet LaPlante Park. 

For the sixth consecutive year, the Portland Trail Blazers’ success at creating dozens of assists each game will fund a positive outcome for a deserving Oregon community thanks to a partnership investment with Moda Health. The Moda Assist Program commits $20 per assist for the entire regular season– double last season’s amount from the two partners – to provide funds for a community to install an all-abilities playground. In 2019 the prize package was nearly $20,000. 

To win, Astoria must get the highest number of votes. Vote online at nba.com/blazers/assist. Cast a vote every day until April 3.

About Violet LaPlante Park: 
Named for Violet LaPlante, an Alderbrook neighborhood resident who helped to establish the park in the 1970s, LaPlante Park serves as a cherished natural site and playground for many Astorians. Conveniently located near the Astoria Riverwalk Trail, the park and playground equipment have received a lot of use over the last twenty years. 

Unfortunately, the existing play infrastructure is very out of date and in need of replacement. We envision installing a natural-themed climbing and play structure to complement the park’s pastoral character while offering multi-modal access geared toward inclusive and accessible ways for children to play outside.

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