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New Fitness Classes at Astoria Recreation Center

Thu, Jan 02, 2020

There are four new adult fitness classes available at the Astoria Recreation Center. 

Yoga Snack – Half an hour of basic yoga stretches and mindful movement. We have mats and invite you to come stretch and prepare your body for the new year! All fitness levels are welcome. Modifications always available. 

Stability Circuits – Work on your body’s stability and endurance in this fun class! Ginger will take you through some higher intensity movements with periods of recovery in-between. Great for jump starting your fitness journey or adding in some much needed stamina-building exercises. 

TNT – Through a variety of legs, arms and core strengthening movements - Theresa will encourage you to sweat and find your energy for the weekend!  Challenge yourself to feel the TNT burn. Modifications available. 

UpLift – This is a no-impact, full body functional movement class. Using a variety of equipment such as hand weights, stability balls, kettlebells and resistance bands – you will be encouraged to move in a way that is appropriate to your specific needs. All levels welcome, modifications encouraged. Come and get motivated for a lifetime of wellness in this fun class!

Learn more about adult fitness classes here. 

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