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Community Development

Community Development works to ensure our quality of life is maintained in a fiscally responsible and sustainable manner. Our department is made up of a Planning and Building Division. Our Building Division reviews plans and inspects buildings to ensure Astoria residents and guests are safe in any building they walk into. Our Planning Division processes land use applications and works with five commissions. They also work to plan for Astoria's future by engaging in economic development activities and administering urban renewal districts.

As no two projects are alike, please contact the Community Development Department before starting your next home project. We would enjoy collaborating with you to help make your project a success and can arrange for you to meet with multiple city departments at once to discuss your plans and determine the best steps forward.

The city's Interactive Map displays property information related to Community Development business including zoning, historic designation, landslide susceptibility, lot size, and more. Check out our Interactive Map

The Department provides staff support to:

Planning Commission (APC),
Traffic Safety Advisory Committee (TSAC),
Historic Landmarks Commission (HLC),
Design Review Commission (DRC), and
Astoria Development Commission (ADC).

The Department administers the City Comprehensive Plan, the Development Code, and the Zoning map. The Department also administers the City's Building Program.

The office is open 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Community Development Department Team Members:

Megan Leatherman
Community Development Director
Phone: 503-338-5183

Garrett Freshour
Chief Building Official
Phone: 503-325-1004

Jesi St. Clair
Permit Technician
Phone: 503-325-1004

City Planner
Phone: 503-338-5183

Tiffany Taylor
Associate Planner
Phone: 503-338-5183

Jennifer Barry
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 503-338-5183


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