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Homeowners & Building Permits

First verify that you are able to submit a Building Permit application as allowed by the Oregon State Building Codes. If you are eligible, a copy of the Building Permit applications is provided HERE.

Once fully completed, email the application and plans to buildingdivision@astoria.or.us. Every Building Permit application is required to have a site plan in addition to the building plans, description, and any other required documents. The Building Permit Technician will contact you to let you know if additional information is required and/or what the next steps are. 

Once your application and plans have been reviewed by the Building Official, the total amount due for your permit will be calculated. Please allow for more time if the scope of your project also needs Planning and/or Engineering review. You will receive a message via email with payment instructions. You may pay online. A copy of the permit will be emailed to you after your payment has been processed.

Before you submit a new building application make sure to check if you need any other city approvals from Planning and Engineering. If you are not sure please contact our office. Our interactive map is a great tool to see property information such as zoning, historic designation, lot size, landslide susceptibility and more. 


Homeowners & Building Inspections

After you have received approval of your Building Permit application, add made full payment, your Permit has been Issued and inspections can start. All inspections are initiated by you and you are responsible for keeping track of your application and its progress. This can be done by visiting www.buildingpermits.orgeon.gov

Submit your Inspection request online at www.buildingpermits.oregon.gov. You will need your permit number which can be found on your receipt for payment. Example permit number: 119-20-00000-XXX

Once we have received your request, the Building Official will determine if the Inspection will be done “in person/on-site” or by “video chat.”

If the Building Official has determined that he can complete your Inspection by “video chat” please wait until you have been contacted and follow the inspector’s instructions.


Helpful Information

Construction Contractor's Board
State Building Codes Division
State of Oregon Code Books Online


Building Permit Application Forms and Information

Building Permit Application   
Astoria Oregon Design Requirements  


For Construction Parking Permits, Sidewalk Closures, and Street Closures please contact the Engineering Division (Public Works Department)

Engineering Division:

Administrative Assistant
1095 Duane St., 1st Floor, Astoria OR 97103

(503) 338-5173



Contact Us:

Jesi St. Clair, Building Permit Technician
1095 Duane Street, Astoria OR 97103

Garrett Freshour, Chief Building Official