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Live Stream Support

If you are having technical accessing the Live Meeting system from the main links found on social media or within this website on the Live Stream page, the following details provide further information.

We are utilizing ZOOM for video and meeting conferencing. By following the published link of https://www.astoria.or.us/zoom you will be sent to a website that will prompt you to either install the App on your mobile device, or to open a browser session on your PC/MAC.

The City of Astoria direct ZOOM Meeting ID is: 503-325-5821

 Link to Zoom App Download Page


During the meeting you will be prompted to RAISE YOUR HAND to be called on for public testimony or comment. The option to "raise your hand" is in the lower section of the app, or when you click to open the Attendees screen. Additional information can be found here: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/205566129-Raise-Hand-In-Webinar



The AUDIO-ONLY stream is made available to provide access for any mobile device or operating system platform and will play on even the slowest of Internet connections.

If the audio stream page does not automatically detect your browser or device, you may directly access by using the following links:

PC/MAC: http://audio.coao.us
iOS: http://stream.coao.us:1935/live/coao/playlist.m3u8
Android: rtsp://stream.coao.us:1935/live/coao

If you do not hear audio, it is possible that we are not broadcasting for the specific meeting.