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The Investigations Division is comprised of two investigators. The Investigations Division of the department is responsible for conducting follow up criminal investigations, preparing those cases for prosecution, and working with the District Attorney’s office to ensure the DA’s office has the information it needs to move forward in the resolution of a case.

Investigators are often assigned to incidents that include serious assaults, robberies, missing persons, child abuse, death investigations, fire investigations, and financial crimes. They may also be called out to assist at major criminal incidents such as bank robbery, sexual assault or homicide. Investigators may also assist during the early stages of an investigation when the situation has the potential to become a major or long term investigation.

The Investigations Division is also a part of three investigatory teams: the Clatsop County Major Crime Team, the Clatsop County Multi Disciplinary Child Abuse Team, and the Clatsop County Fire Investigation Team. These three teams are comprised of members from other county and state agencies that come together to investigate incidents, share information, and provide assistance to each other as it relates to their individual missions.