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Housing in Astoria

The City and the Astoria Planning Commission want to hear from you. Please join the Community Development Department for an upcoming Listening Session. We are holding four (4) listening sessions at different times and locations to discuss the future of housing in Astoria. If you are unable to attend one of these sessions please submit comments HERE or check back as we will continually update this page. 


Upcoming Community Meetings - All are welcome! Feel free to attend any or all of the meetings.

         Uppertown: May 14, 2022 at 10:00 am - Barbey Maritime Center, 1792 Marine Drive, Astoria

Thoughts & Questions

If you missed the meeting check out our notes by clicking on the meeting date below.

 Uniontown: 2022-04-21 - Listening Remarks from the Public 

 Downtown: 2022-05-04 - Listening Remarks from the Public

 South Slope: 2022-05-04 - Listening Remarks from the Public(2)


Helpful Housing Resources:

House Bill 2001

House Bill 2003

House Bill 2001 Interpretation and Implementation FAQ's

House Bill 2001 and House Bill 2003 FAQ's

Implementing a Regional Housing Needs Analysis Methodology in Oregon

Medium Cities Middle Housing Model Code

Large Cities Middle Housing Model Code

Clatsop County Housing Strategies Report

Senate Bill 458


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