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Astoria Dispatch is known in the industry as a Public Safety Answering Point, or PSAP. A PSAP is a call center that answers citizens 911 calls directly. Centers that do not answer these calls directly are known as Secondary PSAP’s. Astoria 911 is one of two PSAP’s in Clatsop County, the other being in Seaside.

Astoria answers nearly 14,000 911 calls a year in addition to almost 65,000 non-emergency calls for service. Astoria dispatches for the Clatsop County Sheriffs Office, The City of Astoria Police Department, The City of Warrenton Police Department, and the Port of Astoria’s Security units. In addition to these law enforcement agencies Astoria 911 also dispatches for eleven Fire Departments throughout the County.

Astoria 911 is staffed by nine highly trained emergency Dispatchers. These folks are always ready to assist people in need 24-hours a day every day.

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