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Comprehensive Plan

The City's Comprehensive Plan has been revised to comply with Statewide Planning Goals and Guidelines including the coastal goals pertaining to estuarine resources and coastal shorelands and addresses local concerns and problems. The City's Plan is not a fixed document as it is recognized that many changes may take place. Changes in the Plan may be made with appropriate Findings of Fact. Major legislative changes in the plan shall be made no more frequently than two year intervals; minor changes shall be considered on a yearly basis. Any Plan changes, amendments or revisions must be done in an open, well-publicized manner.

All city ordinances, policies and actions must be consistent with the Comprehensive Plan. Where there is a conflict between the Plan and ordinances and other city policies, the Plan shall prevail. The various policies are intended to interrelate not only with each other, but with those of Clatsop County and special districts within the urban growth boundary. Where inconsistent policies are found, they must be corrected by a Plan amendment. 

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Cover Page
Table of Contents
CP.005 Land and Water Use
CP.010 - CP.028 General Development Policies
CP.030 - CP.105 Area Descriptions & Policies
CP.110 - CP.125 Urban Growth
CP130 - CP.186 Aquatic and Shoreland
CP.190 - CP. 210 Economic Element
CP.215 - CP.230 Housing
CP.240 - CP.255 Historic Preservation
CP.260 - CP.275 Parks, Recreation & Open Space
CP.280 - CP.340 Public Facilities
CP.345 - CP.370 Transportation
CP.375 - CP.385 Air, Water & Land Quality
CP.390 - CP.400 Geologic & Flood Hazards
CP.405 - CP.420 Energy
CP.425 - CP.440 Forest Resources
CP.445 - CP.460 Natural Resources
CP.465 - CP.470 Procedural and Participation Policies
Map Index 
Map - General Land Use Areas
First Priority Vacant Buildable Lands
Map 1 - First Priority Vacant Buildable Lands
Map 2 - First Priority Vacant Buildable Lands
Map 3 - First Priority Vacant Buildable Lands
Map - Publicly Owned Lands
Map - Urban Growth Boundary
Map - Shorelands
Map - Riparian Vegetation
Map - Future Industrial Sites
Map - Gateway Overlay Area
Map - Historic Areas
Map - Parks & Recreation Areas
Map - Water Distribution System
Map - Major Sewer Lines
Map - Storm Drainage System
Map - Existing Street System
Map - Street Classification System
Map - Geologial Hazards
Map - Steep Slopes 30% & Greater
Map - Generalized Soils
Map - Forested Areas & Agriculture Lands
Map - Bicycle Routes