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Code Compliance

The Community Development Department administers the Code Enforcement program for the City concerning nuisances and violations of the Development Code and portions of the City Code. General nuisances and the Property Maintenance Ordinance (Derelict Building Ordinance) may be found in Chapter 5 of the Astoria City Code. The City of Astoria takes all complaints seriously, however concerns with Fire, Life, and Safety aspects take priority. Not all complaints will become code enforcement cases.

Complaints may be made anonymously and may be sent directly to the department by completing the attached Complaint Form.

City staff are doing their best to improve the level of service provided to the residents and property owners of Astoria, Oregon. The time it takes city staff to verify and resolve complaints will vary depending upon the nature of the complaint and each staff member's current workload. We appreciate your patience. If you are concerned about someone's safety, please contact Astoria Police Department's non-emergency dispatch at 503-325-4411, to request a welfare check.

The City of Astoria may issue citations if serious code violations repeatedly occur, however we prefer to work with property owners to come into compliance with Astoria Development and Municipal Codes.

The City of Astoria cannot become involved in civil matters (e.g. Property Line disputes, Landlord-Tenant disputes). We will inform you if the City is unable to address your complaint and provide resources if they are available. In addition, if the nature of your complaint falls under another City department's scope of authority, it will be forwarded to the appropriate department for follow up.

If you wish to make an anonymous complaint, type "Anonymous" in the field for your name. Your information will remain anonymous even if you provide contact information for follow up communication from City staff.

Property line disputes are a civil matter in which the City of Astoria cannot become involved. Property owners should have a survey done by a licensed professional to mark out their property lines, if no markers are already on site. Nothing can be placed on your property without your permission.

Landlord-Tenant disputes are a civil matter in which the City of Astoria cannot become involved. Tenants should obtain legal counsel if they believe their tenant rights are being violated. Resource: Oregon Law Help Website, Phone: 503-648-7723.