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Susan Brooks
Director of Finance and Administrative Services

Sandy Puckett
Financial Reporting Manager

Sue Dohaniuk
Staff Accountant

Cristine Shade
Staff Accountant

Jessica Honning
Accounts Payable

Jo Johnson
Water/Sewer Clerk

Donna Olson
Municipal Court Clerk


If a candidate serves as his/her own treasurer, does not have a campaign committee AND does not expect to receive or spend more than $750 for the entire election, the candidate is not required to file the Statement of Organization or contribution and expenditure reports.  IF the candidate, at any time, exceeds the $750 limit in either contributions or expenditures, the Statement of Organization and expenditure reports must be filed.  See Campaign Finance Manual for additional information. 

SEL 223          Campaign Account Information

 Filing a New Committee: This form, along with the appropriate Statement of Organization form (SEL 220, 221 or 222), must be completed and filed not later than 3 business days of first receiving a contribution or making an expenditure. The “Original” box should be marked on both forms.