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Susan Brooks
Director of Finance and Administrative Services

Sandy Puckett
Financial Reporting Manager

Sue Dohaniuk
Staff Accountant

Cristine Shade
Staff Accountant

Jeanette Sampson
Accounts Payable

Jo Johnson
Water/Sewer Clerk

Municipal Court Clerk


If a candidate serves as his/her own treasurer, does not have a campaign committee AND does not expect to receive or spend more than $750 for the entire election, the candidate is not required to file the Statement of Organization or contribution and expenditure reports.  IF the candidate, at any time, exceeds the $750 limit in either contributions or expenditures, the Statement of Organization and expenditure reports must be filed.  SEE 2016 Campaign Finance Manual for additional information. 

SEL 223          Campaign Account Information

 Filing a New Committee: This form, along with the appropriate Statement of Organization form (SEL 220, 221 or 222), must be completed and filed not later than 3 business days of first receiving a contribution or making an expenditure. The “Original” box should be marked on both forms.